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Boiler Maintenance Cardington

 Boiler Maintenance in Cardington

Boiler Maintenance Cardington

Cardington is home to Bedfordshire’s most iconic landmark – the Cardington airship hangars. It’s always an uncanny sight to see them rising from the mist in the early morning, and they’re visible for miles around. These huge structures were built to house massive Zeppelin airships, back in 1916. Now, Hangar 2 has become Cardington Studios where the Batman Trilogy, Pan and Inception were filmed.

Despite having a giant landmark in their back garden, though, Cardington village has retained its ancient peace and serenity. We love visiting the location, whilst always keeping our eyes open for the odd Hollywood star!

Cardington Has a Range of Boilers Requiring Maintenance

Older villages tend to present us with a range of boilers to manage and Cardington is no exception. The 3 types of boiler we provide maintenance for are oil, natural gas and LPG gas. In each case, maintenance should be carried out annually to ensure that your heating system is working at peak performance.

Our goal is always to minimise the risk of costly emergency call outs.

1. Oil Boiler Maintenance.

We’ll always check the main issues that stop an oil boiler working efficiency. These are:

  • Build up of soot in the boiler heat exchanger, restricting passage of heat
  • Replacement – if necessary – of oil nozzles that contribute to soot build up
  • If photo cells are glazed over with deposits, this can lead to the boiler turning off for no reason
  • Electrodes need to be cleaned to ensure maximum efficiency when lighting the boiler

2. Natural Gas Boiler Maintenance

Our Gas Safe registered heating engineers will carry out the following checks on your boiler:

  • Using a flue gas analyser to check the mixture of air and gas is correct
  • Is the gas pressure and flow correct?
  • All electrical connections are checked for cleanliness and condition
  • All key components are checked individually

3. LPG Gas Boiler Maintenance

When carrying out maintenance on any boiler, if we find a defect we’ll make an immediate repair. Our maintenance checks include:

  • Check the boiler flame is the correct colour
  • Check the internal components and pipework of your boiler
  • Remove all dust and debris from the boiler interior
  • Use measuring equipment to check that everything is in order.

GPS Plumbing & Heating Provide Local Boiler Maintenance for Cardington

Sometimes, living in a village can put you at a disadvantage when it comes to finding a local heating engineer you can trust. GPS Plumbing & Heating was set up to provide high quality services to everyone living in Bedfordshire, no matter whether you live in a village or a town. We know that having someone you can ring in an emergency, or for advice, is key to your peace of mind, and so it’s at the heart of everything we do.

Looking for local, reliable boiler maintenance in Cardington? We provide servicing, maintenance, and repairs for natural gas, oil or LPG gas boilers. Call us today on 01234 95 92 93 / 07917161053