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Boiler Replacement Quote in Bedford

Boiler Replacement Quote in Bedford

Customers Can Trust GPS’ Boiler Replacement Quote in Bedford

Breaking the news to a customer that their boiler needs replacing, when they were hoping for a quick repair job, is never an easy; all hopes of a quick return to normality for the household are dashed at that moment and in its place come visions of messy installation, costly expenditure, and a short-term future of makeshift heating in place of a constant supply.

At GPS Plumbing and Heating we value our customers and our aim is to help them avoid the ‘crisis’ boiler replacement scenario. We would far rather help and support our clients through a planning process which allows them to make considered choices, manage their budget, and schedule installation at a time that is going to be least disruptive to the family’s routines. As plumbing and heating specialists in Bedford we would recommend the following process:

Schedule Regular Maintenance and Service ChecksGPS offer customers a package which ensures that their boiler runs at optimum performance throughout the year. If there are tell-tale signs that the system is in need of replacement, our team will let customers know, leaving them with time to plan.

Discussing Options with GPS our team will be happy to talk through the options when you decide on gas or oil boiler replacement in Bedford. We have over fifteen years of experience and will be able to offer expert advice on the system that will suit your family’s needs best.

If you require a new Boiler GPS Recommends a Worcester Bosch

Boiler Replacement Quote in Bedford we will offer a free quote which offers a detailed breakdown of all the elements that may be involved in replacing your boiler, such as: change of boiler location, chemical flush, additional pipe work, routing the flue, as well as the new boiler itself. We will talk through the quote so that you understand the pricing.

Thanks Gavin for the great new boiler you have just installed for us. Your recommendation to place the new boiler in the loft has now given us loads more space in the kitchen!! As always your work fitted in with our schedule and Sienna (our 9 month old) loves watching you busily round the house!! – James Hillson

Scheduling Boiler Installation – if you are happy to go ahead with the work, based on our quote, we will schedule installation to suit your family’s routine. Our installers will explain which areas of the house they will need to access, and the level of disruption that should be expected. We will set a deadline for completion.

Handover – this is one of the most important parts of the process; we will demonstrate how the new boiler works, and allow time to go through all the different controls. Return on your investment means knowing how to operate your new boiler with confidence to ensure optimum performance.

A Transparent Boiler Replacement Quote in Bedford

GPS has built its business on word-of-mouth so maintaining our reputation for fair and transparent pricing of work is central to our reputation. Once agreed, we stand by our quoted price so that our customers can budget accordingly.

If you require an Boiler Replacement Quote in Bedford, email us or call on 01234 959 293 / 07917 161053