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Boiler Maintenance Cardington

Boiler Maintenance Cardington Cardington is home to Bedfordshire’s most iconic landmark – the Cardington airship hangars. It’s always an uncanny sight to see them rising from the mist in the early morning, and they’re visible for miles around. These huge structures were built to house massive Zeppelin airships, back in 1916. Now, Hangar 2 has … [Read more...]

Gas Boiler Service Riseley

Wanting to Schedule a Gas Boiler Service in Riseley? The GPS Plumbing & Heating team always enjoys the drive out to the Bedfordshire village of Riseley. Sitting around 9 miles north of Bedford, this ancient village is set in beautiful countryside. It has a mile-long High Street, populated with houses from a whole range of different periods. … [Read more...]

Oil Boiler Service Bedfordshire

Looking for an Oil Boiler Service in Bedfordshire? Around a third of properties in Bedfordshire are ‘non-gas households’. Many remote properties don't get gas piped into their homes because they’re not on the gas grid. There are over 4 million homes that use alternatives to gas across the UK, and the most popular alternative to gas-fired central … [Read more...]

Plumbing Services Kempston

GPS Plumbing Services for Clients in Kempston The GPS Plumbing & Heating team have learnt not to refer to Kempston as part of Bedford. Kempstonians are rightly proud of the fact that theirs is a distinct town sitting at the edge of Bedford, with a separate history. We’re always delighted to be working with our Kempston-specific clients. And … [Read more...]

Domestic Plumbers in Bedford

GPS Plumbing & Heating Provides Domestic Plumbers in Bedford Having a reliable local plumber means prompt relief from problems like:A dripping tap Low water pressure Leaking pipes Blocked drains Clanging pipesAs you can imagine, we’re kept pretty busy by our Bedford clients, many of whom have been with us for years, now. … [Read more...]

Boiler Engineer Kempston

Looking for a Boiler Engineer Kempston? Spring is a great time to be a GPS boiler engineer! The daffodils are out, Kempston’s looking good in the sunshine and our customers are happy to be able to turn down the heating. It’s also a busy time to be a boiler engineer in Bedfordshire. People who’ve worried about their boilers making it through the … [Read more...]

Oil Boiler Engineer for Ravensden

Looking for a Oil Boiler Engineer in Ravensden? This small Bedfordshire village sits to the north east of Bedford towards Cambridge. It’s one of a number of rural villages which the GPS Plumbing and Heating team visit regularly. Our clients in Ravensden are particularly important to us. Partly because we love the beautiful drive out there, but … [Read more...]

Kempston Boiler Maintenance

Local Plumbers Provide Kempston Boiler Maintenance Driving into Kempston from Bedford feels seamless, but in fact Kempston is a town in its own right. It was developed as a ‘new town’ back in 1870, and has grown hugely since then. As local plumbers to a number of Kempstonians, it fascinates us to know that the town has a distinct identity – and … [Read more...]

Bedford Plumbing and Heating Services

GPS Offers Bedford Plumbing and Heating Services For over a decade now, GPS Plumbing & Heating has provided local services to Bedford homes and businesses. We take great pride in the fact that we’ve built our network on recommendations and word-of-mouth. This means, though, that we have a responsibility to maintain the highest of standards for … [Read more...]

Broken Boiler? Replace it Now with GPS Plumbing and Heating

GPS Provides Emergency Oil Boiler Repair for BedfordWe’ve escaped the snow so far this year, but don’t be fooled. January and February are the months when we traditionally find ourselves digging our cars out, and dusting down the sledge. Realistically, there’s probably 3 months of cold weather yet to come. So if your boiler’s been acting … [Read more...]