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Example of recent Boiler installation

Cleaning the systemThe first thing we do is start by power flushing the existing system. This is a machine that uses a powerful pump to clean out all contaminants from your heating system, this will help protect the new boiler that is about to be fitted.

We remove your central heating pump and connect up the machine, where we pump a cleaning chemical around your system while it is hot this loosens up the black magnetite laying at the bottom of your radiators and removes it.

This is very important because if left, the magnetite attacks the aluminium heat exchanger on the new boiler. Also any guarantee would be void if this is not done.

The next day we sited the new boiler in the loft.

We started by bracing up the wooden wall to provide a strong surface for the boiler to hang from. Then we marked out the template and drilled through the wall to allow the flue to pass. Next we hang the boiler jig and plumb to the jig before hanging the boiler.

We then plumb up the jig using copper pipe and fit a Filter system to the return pipe work to help protect the boiler.

We run a new gas pipe from the meter to the boiler up the outside of the house. We test the existing gas supply for soundness and then connect up the new boiler to the gas supply. The last thing we then did on the second day was to hang the boiler and fit the flue.

On the morning of the third day we then turn off the old boiler and drain down the heating system.

We then connect the new boiler up in the airing cupboard to the existing system. The new system is pressurised where the old system had a tank in the loft, we remove the tank which is replaced with a filling loop in the airing cupboard. This boiler is called a system boiler it is a lot more efficient.

All boilers now produce a condensate with is condensed steam from the flue this is how the boilers get their high efficiency, the waste water then gets piped into an internal drain to help prevent it freezing.

Next we have the electrician wire up the boiler and then fill up the system.

Once filled up we check for leaks and then commission the boiler. This involves testing the boiler is burning the correct amount of gas and temperatures are correct. The bench mark book is then filled out. This is the record for the boiler and stays with the customer.

We then lagged all the pipe work that carries water to prevent energy lose and freezing.

The last thing to do is then hand over the new boiler to our customer; we explain and show the customer how the boiler and heating system works.

We sign the paper work and all there is to do is tidy up and the job is finished.

We register the boiler with Gas safe and a certificate of gas safety arrives through the post in the next few weeks.

This job took place between March 26th and March 28th 2013 in the village of Wootton Bedfordshire.

We were able to keep the heating on each night as the weather was cold and our customer had a young baby.

By moving the boiler into the loft out customer gained kitchen space and also the possibility of having an extension on the back of the property due to the flue no longer being an obstruction.

The boiler fitted is a Worcester Bocsh 24KW System boiler. It is fully guaranteed by Worcester for 5 years provided it is annually serviced which we do.