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It can be confusing to decide which boiler is right for you.

There are three different sorts of boiler:

Combi boilers supply heating and hot water straight from the boiler.

Regular and system boilers both heat your central heating system and then produce hot water for your cylinder.

RequirementsMost suitable boiler
You want to use your loft space for a room conversion or other purposeCombi Boiler
You live in a flat or bungalow (i.e. have very little or no roof space)Combi Boiler
Your home has more than 2 bathroomsRegular or system boiler
Your main water pressure is lowRegular or system boiler
You want to replace an old boiler to improve an existing conventional central heating systemRegular, Combi or system boiler
You need to have hot water available on tap without waiting for it to heat up.Combi Boiler

Which boiler is right for you depends on several things, such as your home and how you live.

For homes not connected to the gas network, oil-fired boilers can provide an efficient, clean and cost effective alternative.

For owners of mobile and static homes, caravans and farm dwellings that aren’t connected to the gas mains grid, householders have to find an alternative source of fuel, such as LPG.