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LPG Gas Engineer Bedfordshire

LPG Gas Engineer Bedfordshire

In Need of a LPG Gas Engineer Bedfordshire?

Bedfordshire is a county made up of two large towns – Luton and Bedford – and numerous small villages, and agricultural holdings. This demographic produces a high number of properties – around 25% – with no access to piped gas on their property. Where this is the case there are two alternative fuel options for heating: oil, or LPG.

Typically LPG is the fuel of choice for mobile home residents, or people living in remote farms or agricultural buildings. Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a by-product of natural gas but, unlike natural gas, it can’t be pumped direct into your home. LPG has to be delivered by road either in cylinders, or in bulk for storage in a tank above or below ground on your property.

The Pros and Cons of Using LPG

If you are considering switching to LPG, we would recommend you talk to a GPS LPG gas engineer before making your decision. There are a number of advantages to using this fuel. These include:

  • LPG is a highly efficient fuel which gives an excellent return on every unit of energy.
  • LPG doesn’t contain sulphur, which means its a cleaner fuel than oil.
  • LPG burns consistently, making it a highly reliable source of energy.
  • LPG is more environmentally friendly than oil, or coal.

A GPS LPG gas engineer will always take care to discuss the disadvantages of using a particular fuel with clients; for LPG gas, these would include:

  • The cost of LPG gas is volatile; it is currently around 60p per litre.
  • Road transport of LPG adds a vulnerability into the supply chain.
  • Storage tanks for LPG may have to be bought or rented from your supplier.

“Rarely have we come across tradesmen so meticulous and courteous. Gavin made us feel confident the moment we met them and the installation of our new Worcester boiler went very smoothly from start to finish.
We have no hesitation in recommending them.”
– Steve and Jean Saunders

Finding the Right LPG Boiler

If, having spoken to an LPF gas engineer, you decide that you want to heat your home with LPG, we can help you to decide on the correct boiler, and offer advice on finding a supplier and deciding on the best storage solutions. GPS gas engineers are all Gas Safe registered installers and will be able to talk you through the installation process and provide you with a detailed quotation.

All of our heating engineers are Gas Safe registered & Worcester Accredited Installers

If you require a LPG Gas Engineer Bedfordshire, email us or call on 01234 959 293 / 07917 161053

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