LPG Heating and LPG Boilers

For most households in the UK, central heating for the home is supplied via mains gas which is piped into the property. There are, however, around 3 million homes, including mobile homes, static homes, caravans and permanent dwellings, that aren’t connected to the gas mains grid. Where gas isn’t an option, in remote farm properties, for example, or in one of the many rural villages in the UK without natural gas, householders have to find an alternative source of fuel, such as LPG.

What is LPG?

Liquid Petroleum Gas is a by-product of natural gas and oil extraction and from oil refining. It’s considered a cleaner fuel than comparative fossil fuels and has been proven to emit less carbon than oil.

Using LPG Heating in Your Home

Unlike gas, LPG cannot be piped directly into your home, it has to be delivered either in cylinders or in bulk and stored in a tank either above or below ground. You will need an LPG boiler; these are similar in price and design to gas and oil-fired boilers, or you may be able to convert your mains gas boiler for use with LPG.

LPG Heating

Our gas engineers are qualified to work on Gas, Oil and LPG. We are Gas Safe Registered, approved by OFTEC and a Worcester Accredited Supplier. Covering Bedford and surrounding areas.

Preparation and Installation

  • Is LPG right for you? The GPS team can offer advice and support on whether LGP is the best solution to centrally heating your home.
  • Getting the Right LPG Boiler GPS Gas Safe registered installers will advise on models of the boiler, or assess your existing boiler for conversion. Once you have made your choice, we will explain the installation process, provide a detailed quotation, and schedule a time convenient to you.
  • Bulk or Cylinder LPG? – Buying LPG can be expensive, so it’s best to do a bit of planning and research to get the best deal. Buying in bulk is cheaper, and suppliers will normally provide the tank in which to store your fuel. If you have to use cylinders, it’s best to buy in the summer when LPG tends to be cheaper and to look for deals on bulk buying. The average household would normally use around 2 47KG cylinders per month.
  • Annual Servicing – LPG boilers require annual servicing to maintain the safe and efficient heating of your home. GPS offer maintenance packages to cover this.

Advantages of Using LPG

  • The price of LPG Heating has been dropping over the past 3 years. In 2015 the average annual bill was £1,040. In 2016 it dropped to £800, and it is now £735 per annum.
  • LPG is a highly efficient fuel, which means that you will get an excellent return on every unit of energy, especially if you are using a condensing boiler.

Disadvantages of Using LPG

  • Your supplier may require a rental on the storage tank supplied, adding to the annual cost of heating.
  • LPG produces carbon dioxide when it’s burnt which make it a contributor to air pollution.
About us

All of our LPG boiler installers are Gas Safe registered & Worcester Accredited Installers, contact us to find out more about an LPG Boiler and LPG Heating installation in your home on 01234 95 92 93