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Oil Boiler Engineer Kempston

Oil Boiler Engineer Kempston

Looking for an Oil Boiler Engineer Kempston?

Travelling through Kempston today, it’s hard to imagine that it was once known as the ‘largest village in England’. It’s now a busy town situated to the south-west of Bedford, and very much a part of its urban infrastructure. Despite its growth Kempstonians are proud of their independent heritage and still refer to ‘the village’ in order to distinguish themselves from Bedfordians.

At GPS Plumbing and Heating we would agree that Kempston has a unique character in the region. We have a large number of clients in the area and we’re currently advising many of them on installing oil boilers either as replacements, or as an alternative to their gas boilers.

Why Choose a Oil Boiler?

If you’re considering switching from gas fired central heating, why not ask a GPS oil boiler engineer for advice and guidance on the process? Many of our clients in Kempston want information on oil boilers because of the excellent fuel efficiency they offer. There is now a great range of oil boilers available; condensing oil-fired boilers provide up to 90% efficiency, and they’re quick and easy to install.

What’s the Difference Between Gas and Oil

Discussions with a GPS oil boiler engineer will always include information on fuel delivery and storage. Unlike gas which is pumped directly into your home, oil has to be delivered by road and stored in a container on your property. GPS is able to offer advice on the range of containers available, and tips on how to order fuel for maximum value.

“Thanks Gavin for the great new boiler you have just installed for us. Your recommendation to place the new boiler in the loft has now given us loads more space in the kitchen! As always your work fitted in with our schedule and Sienna (our 9 month old) loves watching you busily round the house!” – James Hillson

Which Oil Boiler to Choose?

Talking to an oil boiler engineer helps to clarify your best oil boiler options, given the size of your home, average usage, and number of people in your household. The oil-fired boiler heats water using a water tank; the combi oil-fired boiler has no tank and heats water on demand. The condensing oil-fired boiler re-uses captured heat from the flue, making it highly energy efficient.

An Oil Boiler Engineer You Can Trust

All our oil boiler engineers are Worcester Accredited Installers which means they have the appropriate skills and understand the importance of excellent customer service. Additionally, our GPS gas boiler engineers are all Gas Safe registered, making them a premium source of guidance and advice.

All of our heating engineers are Gas Safe registered & Worcester Accredited Installers

If you require a Oil Boiler Engineer Kempston, email us or call on 01234 959 293 / 07917 161053

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