Oil Boiler Replacement in Cranfield

Oil Boiler Replacement in Cranfield

28 March 2018

Do You Require an Oil Boiler Replacement in Cranfield?

Some years it can feel as though the winter will never come to an end, especially if you’ve been nursing an old oil-boiler through the cold snaps – just hanging in there for that elusive Spring weather. GPS Heating and Plumbing engineers are well aware of the ‘new boiler dilemma’; should you get a new boiler before you hit the next winter or wait until it becomes an emergency you have to respond to.

Do You Need an Oil Boiler Replacement in Cranfield?

The thriving village of Cranfield, situated in north-west Bedfordshire, is dominated by its proximity to Cranfield University. We service a number of oil-boilers, of varying ages, for customers in Cranfield and the surrounding area, and they often ask how long they can expect their boilers to last. It’s an almost impossible question to answer, so we tend to reframe it by suggesting that you should consider changing your boiler if any, or all, of the following conditions apply:

Scarcity of components – once you become aware that spare parts for your boiler model are becoming difficult to obtain, you should consider a change.

High repair bill – some oil-boiler models are unreliable, and you can find yourself paying for repairs every few months. If this is the case, it will be cheaper, in the long run, to consider a replacement.

Flue replacement – your flue is a vital component as it removes dangerous products of combustion. Flue replacement is expensive and replacing the whole system could be a better option.

Fuel Economy – old oil-fired boilers are less fuel-efficient. Technology and design has moved on rapidly in the past decade, so a new oil-boiler heating system will save you money on your fuel bills.

Noisy Boilers – old boilers, paired with old radiators, often suffer from a build-up of black sludge on the inside of the boiler heat exchanger resulting in rattling radiators.

“Hi Gavin, thanks for the brilliant job (and brilliant price) for installing a new boiler and central heating in my flat. DELIGHTED. – Elizabeth Laing

Trustworthy Oil Boiler Replacement in Cranfield

GPS Plumbing and Heating Services provides friendly, experienced engineers across the towns and villages of Bedfordshire. We’re there when you need an emergency repair, or you’re looking for guidance on which heating system to choose for your needs. We can help by talking you through your options, considering the alternatives, and offering a pricing structure that won’t deliver any nasty surprises along the way.

All of our heating engineers are Gas Safe registered & Worcester Accredited Installers

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