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Oil Boiler Service Bedfordshire

Oil Boiler Service Bedfordshire

Looking for an Oil Boiler Service in Bedfordshire?

Around a third of properties in Bedfordshire are ‘non-gas households’. Many remote properties don’t get gas piped into their homes because they’re not on the gas grid. There are over 4 million homes that use alternatives to gas across the UK, and the most popular alternative to gas-fired central heating is an oil boiler.

What’s Different About Oil Fired Central Heating?

The main difference lies in the fuel delivery. Instead of having gas piped directly into your home, oil has to be delivered by road. Once delivered, you’ll need to store the fuel in a tank on your property.  There are two kinds of oil boiler; heat only, and combination condensing boiler. A combination boiler has a storage tank to supply your hot water.

Servicing and Maintaining Your Oil Boiler

A carefully maintained oil boiler is an excellent investment, and can last well over a decade. Regular servicing is crucial, however, as soot can build up in the heat exchanger. This restricts the efficiency of your system, making your heating more expensive. The message from GPS Plumbing & Heating engineers is always that a regularly serviced oil boiler costs you less money in the long run.

Oil Boiler Servicing in Bedfordshire

An oil boiler service should always be carried out by professional heating engineers, who have experience with oil-fired systems. They will normally comprise:

  • Visual inspection of the water tank and storage pipes
  • Filter elements cleaned/replaced
  • Fittings checked for oil leaks
  • Combustion chamber inspection
  • Inspection of deposits in heat exchanger
  • Checking baffles and replacing if necessary

GPS Plumbing & Heating Provides an Efficient Oil Boiler Service for Bedfordshire Clients

GPS is a local plumbing and heating business. We’ve built up our client network, largely through word-of-mouth and we take pride in our reputation across the county. We have a number of clients who heat their homes using oil boilers and they consider annual servicing as key to keeping down their running and repairs costs.

Our engineers will carefully check every component of your heating system, and make sure it’s running at peak performance. When repairs, or a boiler upgrade is necessary, we always give clients plenty of warning. We know that people need time to budget, and if you need a new boiler we’re happy to offer advice and guidance on the best model for your home.

“Thanks Gavin for the great new boiler you have just installed for us. Your recommendation to place the new boiler in the loft has now given us loads more space in the kitchen! As always your work fitted in with our schedule and Sienna (our 9 month old) loves watching you busily round the house!” – James Hillson

All of our heating engineers are Gas Safe registered & Worcester Accredited Installers

GPS has been supporting customers with oil boilers in Bedfordshire for over a decade now. If you require an oil boiler service, call us today on 01234 959293 / 07917161053

GPS Plumbing and Heating service Bedfordshire and surrounding areas including FlitwickAmpthill, Newport Pagnell, Turvey, Rushden, St Neots, Riseley, Woburn, Milton Keynes, Wyboston, Sandy and Biggleswade.