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Oil Heating Engineer in Bedfordshire

Oil Heating Engineer in Bedfordshire

Looking for an Oil Heating Engineer in Bedfordshire?

Whilst the majority of households across the UK heat their homes using gas-fired central heating, there are still 4 million homes that are not connected to the mains gas network. Oil is the most popular alternative to gas, and GPS have installed oil-fired central heating to numerous families across Bedfordshire. For clients who are used to having gas supplied via a largely invisible network of pipes to their homes, there are normally concerns about switching to a fuel which needs to be delivered by road and stored on the premises. Our GPS Plumbing and Heating engineers have extensive experience successfully installing oil-fired boilers in Bedfordshire, and they are always ready to provide advice and support to customers, based on that experience.

Advice and Support from an Oil Heating Engineer in Bedfordshire

Whether you’re installing an oil-fired boiler for the first time, or you need repairs and servicing for your oil-fired boiler in Bedfordshire, GPS Plumbing and Heating engineers have the skills and know-how to help with the following:

Which Oil-Fired Boiler? – There are 3 options to choose from; the oil-fired boiler which supplies hot water from a water tank, the combination boiler which is excellently suited to smaller properties and has the advantage of heating water directly, or the condensing oil-fired boiler which is highly energy efficient. Your GPS oil heating engineer in Bedfordshire will assess your needs and suggest the best option for you.

Setting Up Fuel Delivery and Storage – Heating oil is delivered by road and stored in a tank. Because your heating is dependent on the fuel being supplied reliably and efficiently, a GPS oil heating engineer in Bedfordshire can offer advice on choosing and installing a storage tank, and provide suggestions on suppliers offering an excellent service and fair prices for your fuel.

Servicing and Maintenance – Once your oil-fired central heating is installed, it’s essential that it’s serviced annually to ensure that it continues to run efficiently. Our clients report significant fuel savings with oil-fired boilers, but these are dependent on the ongoing professional maintenance of the boiler.

“Thanks Gavin for fitting our new boiler very neat and quick job, good price. I am very grateful for you doing the work at very short notice. Once again thank you!” – Steve Stone

Call a GPS Oil Heating Engineer in Bedfordshire Today

If you’re thinking about installing an oil-fired boiler, take advantage of the years of experience which come as standard with a GPS Oil Heating engineer in Bedfordshire. We’re happy to give advice on new set-ups, or diagnose and repair existing boilers – and we’ll always provide a reliable and professional service.

If you require a new Boiler GPS Recommends a Worcester Bosch

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If you are in need of a trusted Oil Heating engineer in Bedfordshire & surrounding areas, we can promise you an excellent service, transparent pricing, and a professional approach throughout.

GPS Plumbing and Heating service Bedfordshire and surrounding areas including FlitwickAmpthill, Newport Pagnell, Turvey, Rushden, St Neots, Riseley, Woburn, Milton Keynes, Wyboston, Sandy and Biggleswade.

If you require an Oil Heating Engineer in Bedfordshire, email us or call on 01234 959 293 / 07917 161053