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Boiler Installer for Wilstead

Boiler Installer for Wilstead The historic village of Wilstead sits 5 miles south of Bedford, on the main road to Luton. Whilst only 2,500 people live in Wilstead, there’s a rich diversity of housing stock in and around the village, including: traditional farms, historic listed buildings, thatched cottages, 20th century homes, new builds, and a … [Read more...]

Boiler Installer for Elstow

Boiler Installer for Elstow The village of Elstow was founded as a wealthy Benedictine nunnery in the 11th century. Whilst the nunnery is long gone and the Bedford town boundaries have somewhat encompassed the village, the ancient heart of Elstow is still nestled around the church and village green. The GPS team have been providing plumbing and … [Read more...]