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Boiler Engineer Kempston

Looking for a Boiler Engineer Kempston? Spring is a great time to be a GPS boiler engineer! The daffodils are out, Kempston’s looking good in the sunshine and our customers are happy to be able to turn down the heating. It’s also a busy time to be a boiler engineer in Bedfordshire. People who’ve worried about their boilers making it through the … [Read more...]

Kempston Boiler Maintenance

Local Plumbers Provide Kempston Boiler Maintenance Driving into Kempston from Bedford feels seamless, but in fact Kempston is a town in its own right. It was developed as a ‘new town’ back in 1870, and has grown hugely since then. As local plumbers to a number of Kempstonians, it fascinates us to know that the town has a distinct identity – and … [Read more...]