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Oil Boiler Replacement in Bedford

GPS Plumbing and Heating Can Help with Oil Boiler Replacement in Bedford Whilst the official start of winter falls in December, it takes a cold and wet January morning to really drive home the message that it’s arrived – that or your heating going on the blink… The GPS Plumbing and Heating repair team understand how upsetting a boiler breakdown is … [Read more...]

Are You Due an Oil Boiler Service in Bedford?

GPS Plumbing and Heating – Installing, repairing and servicing oil boilers in Bedford since 2005 As we head in to the winter season it’s time to feel rather smug if you’ve already had your oil boiler service in Bedford this year! You’ll be able to snuggle up with the family over the next couple of months, safe in the knowledge that your oil boiler … [Read more...]

Oil Boiler Installations in Bedford

GPS Provide Advice for Customers on Oil Boiler Installations in Bedford Bedford sits at the heart of a network of rural villages, and in those areas around 50% of the properties are off the gas grid, which means that families and businesses have to heat their homes using oil or electricity. Having worked as oil boiler installers in Bedford for … [Read more...]

Oil Boiler Repair in Bedford

If you require an Oil Boiler repair in Bedford, GPS can help! Whilst most people think of gas when they consider central heating, there are a sizeable number of homes in Bedfordshire that use oil boilers as their heat source. In some cases, oil boilers are necessary because the household has no access to the gas mains, but for many people it is a … [Read more...]

Get The Help of an Oil Boiler Engineer in Bedford

GPS Provide Oil Boiler Replacement in Bedford You may be surprised to know that more than 4 million houses in the UK don't have gas lines. In some rural regions in the country, heating oil is a popular option for central heating. That's why at GPS Plumbing & Heating, we can include oil boiler servicing, oil boiler repair, replacement and … [Read more...]