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Oil Boiler Engineer Woburn

Looking For an Oil Boiler Engineer Woburn? The picturesque village of Woburn sits just five miles south of Milton Keynes. It’s home to the splendid Woburn Abbey, Woburn Safari Park and Centre Parcs. As a popular tourist spot the village teems with visitors in the summer but the resident population numbered only 933 at the last census. The GPS … [Read more...]

Oil Boiler Engineer Kempston

Looking for an Oil Boiler Engineer Kempston? Travelling through Kempston today, it’s hard to imagine that it was once known as the ‘largest village in England’. It’s now a busy town situated to the south-west of Bedford, and very much a part of its urban infrastructure. Despite its growth Kempstonians are proud of their independent heritage and … [Read more...]

Thurleigh Oil Boiler Installations

GPS Provides Thurleigh Oil Boiler Installations For the small population of Thurleigh village, just north of Bedford, oil boiler installations are regularly in demand. At one time the gas fired boiler was a firm favourite when it came to heating your home, but that has changed over the last two decades, as families have weighed up the economics of … [Read more...]

Oil Heating Engineer in Bedfordshire

Looking for an Oil Heating Engineer in Bedfordshire? Whilst the majority of households across the UK heat their homes using gas-fired central heating, there are still 4 million homes that are not connected to the mains gas network. Oil is the most popular alternative to gas, and GPS have installed oil-fired central heating to numerous families … [Read more...]

Oil Boiler Installer for Bedfordshire

Friendly and Efficient Oil Boiler Installer for Bedfordshire Whilst oil boilers still have a way to go to rival the popularity of the gas boiler, the customer base for an oil boiler has been rising consistently over the past few years. At GPS Plumbing and Heating we tell our customers that there has never been a better time to consider swapping … [Read more...]

Oil Boiler Installation or Repair in Bedfordshire

Oil Boiler Installation or Repair in Bedfordshire to Keep Your Family Safe and Your Heating Efficient As the last of the cold snaps die away, it’s tempting to forget that winter ever happened – especially as warmer weather means being able to turn off the central heating at last! GPS Plumbing and Heating engineers see the situation a bit … [Read more...]

Oil Boiler Engineer in Bedfordshire

Looking for a Reliable and Professional Oil Boiler Engineer in Bedfordshire? Then look no further! GPS Plumbing and Heating started life in Luton back in 2005 which means we’ve been serving customers in Bedfordshire for over a decade now. Much of our customer base has been created through word-of-mouth recommendations, and we’re proud of the … [Read more...]

Oil Boiler installation in Bedfordshire

GPS Plumbing and Heating is Number One Choice for an Oil Boiler Installation in Bedfordshire For many households across Bedfordshire, whose home are not connected to the gas network, oil boilers provide an excellent, cost effective alternative to gas central heating. Over the past few years, however, GPS Plumbing and Heating has noticed a … [Read more...]