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LPG Installation and Service Engineer in Bedfordshire

Looking for a Trustworthy LPG Installation and Service Engineer in Bedfordshire? Come September most British households are trying to delay the moment when the central heating goes on again. The moment it kicks in, we know that winter is on its way. This is the time of year to check out your heating system and give it a last-minute service if you … [Read more...]

LPG Heating engineer in Bedfordshire

In Search of a Qualified LPG Heating Engineer in Bedfordshire? If your property isn’t connected to a mains gas supply, there’s a good chance it relies on LPG. While most UK homes utilise gas for heating and hot water purposes, LPG represents a real lifeline in more rural areas of the country. Likewise, the majority of static homes, caravans, … [Read more...]

LPG Boiler Installer in Bedfordshire

Looking for an LPG Boiler Installer in Bedfordshire? Gas-fired central heating is the norm for the majority of UK households, but there are still over 3 million homes that are unable to access the gas mains in the UK. These include remote farms or rural villages that are not yet on the gas network grid, or caravans, mobile homes, or static homes … [Read more...]