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Unvented Hot Water Cylinders Bedfordshire

Unvented Hot Water Cylinders Bedfordshire

The Advantages of Unvented Hot Water Cylinders for Bedfordshire

GPS Plumbing and Heating always has our customers interests at heart, and we’re keen on letting people know what their options are when it comes to making an investment in the homes. An example of this is the unvented hot water cylinder which is now available as an alternative to the vented hot water cylinder. This is a fairly new addition to the choices available for Bedfordshire households, and so we always try to provide a clear description of the advantages it could bring.

Why Choose Unvented Hot Water Cylinders?

The unvented hot water cylinder came onto the market in Britain around thirty years ago, but it’s been a popular choice for household, mainly because it doesn’t require a cold-water tank. Instead there is just one tank which is fed by the cold-water mains supply to the house. As water from the mains offers optimum pressure, our customers have reported excellent flow performance for baths and showers following the unvented cylinder installations. Having only one tank installed means that the set-up is quicker, space that would have been given over to the cold tank is freed up, and the cylinder can be located anywhere in the property.

“Hi Gavin, thanks for the brilliant job (and brilliant price) for installing a new boiler and central heating in my flat. Delighted!” – Elizabeth Laing

Specialist Unvented Cylinder Installation in Bedfordshire

The unvented hot water cylinder is fed by cold water which then heats up to supply the household. In the process of heating the water expands, necessitating the installation of a mechanism which allows the expansion to take place safely. GPS engineers use one of two methods to counteract rapid expansion:

Bubble Top Unit – this rather odd-sounding mechanism is applied at installation. It traps an internal air bubble which settles at the top of the cylinder to mitigate the effects of expansion.

External Expansion Unit – fitted during installation to provide an outlet for the hot water as it expands.

GPS Can Provide a Qualified and Experienced Heating Engineer for Bedfordshire

An Unvented cylinder installation in Bedfordshire requires a specialist boiler engineer who has both experience and qualifications for working with high pressure systems requiring extra safety features. Our friendly, professional team will take you through the installation process in advance, schedule a time at your convenience, and work to a mutually agreed deadline and budget.

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If you are in need of an unvented hot water cylinder in Bedfordshire, we can promise you an excellent service, transparent pricing, and a professional approach throughout.

GPS Plumbing and Heating service Bedfordshire and surrounding areas including FlitwickAmpthill, Newport Pagnell, Turvey, Rushden, St Neots, Riseley, Woburn, Milton Keynes, Wyboston, Sandy and Biggleswade.

If you require an unvented hot water cylinder in Bedfordshire, email us or call on 01234 959 293 / 07917 161053